We’ve all been there: we’re relaxing on the couch, or snuggling on the floor or bed, and all of a sudden it hits! A resounding stench that invades your nostrils. You look to your pup, and they’re checking out their own rear end wondering where that smell is coming from!

Dog farts are a normal part of dog life. The occasional release of gas is not usually something to worry about. But, if you’re finding yourself plugging your nose a lot, it might be time to dig a bit further into the situation to see if you can fight back against the flatulence.

What’s the Deal with Dog Farts?

What causes your dog to break wind? There are a few reasons for dog farts.

The most common cause is a change in diet. This is the first thing to consider if your dog all of a sudden lets them rip with vigor. Have you added something new or different to the diet? Moved to a different food? If this is the case, perhaps consider why you’ve added that new element. If, after a few days the farts subside, it could be just that her body was adjusting and there’s no need to be concerned.

Another common reason is because your dog has eaten something spoiled. Has your pup gotten into something in the garbage, the backyard, or on a walk that may have been past its best before date? If you can identify this as the cause, again, just give it time to pass through the digestive tract.

When it comes to chronic cases of cutting the cheese, you might want to consider digestion. Many cases of chronic flatulence are a result of your dog not being able to digest her food properly. Poorly digestible diets can cause excessive fermentation in the colon and subsequent gas formation. Things like soybeans, peas, beans, milk products, high-fat diets, and spicy foods are all common culprits when it comes to dog farts.

**If your dog eats a premium/raw diet and is still farting up a storm, consider speaking to your vet about maldigestion or poor absorption of nutrients.

Can You Stop Dog Farts?

Like humans, dogs have to fart from time to time. It’s just a part of life. So, no, there’s no way to stop those smelly farts completely. However, there are several different ways to lessen their frequency and their smelli-ness. Phew.

1. Exercise

All dogs need exercise, no matter their breed, both for mental and physical stimulation. But did you know that exercise also helps with digestion – and can thereby reduce those gaseous emissions. It’s true! Dogs who get a lot of exercise tend to have – and thus, pass – less gas than those who don’t get as much. If you find your pup is particularly gassy after dinner, consider letting them relax for a bit after dinner, then going to a nice walk to get things working in that digestive tract!

2. Natural Digestive Aids

Good bacteria helps to built a happy gut, and a happy gut digests food better than an unhappy one. Adding different things to your dog’s meal to give the gut a boost can help with those dog farts. Adding probiotics like goat milk, kefir, yogurt, or a probiotic supplement can help gassy pets, and they’re just great for the gut in general. Fermented foods are also good. A digestive enzyme might also help to aid digestion.

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3. Slow Down Dinner

Lots of dogs gobble up their food like they’re in the dinner Olympics. This can cause them to swallow a lot of air while eating, and that buildup has to escape at some point. If you notice the farts are extra frequent after your dog has raced through her dinner, consider a slow feeder, a puzzle bowl, or even feeding on a baking sheet so they have to slow down when they’re eating.

4. Massage

If a buildup of gas has got your dog feeling down (or is giving you grief), a gently tummy massage might just help her pass it. Have her lay on her back and gently massage the midline of the stomach. Most dogs love a good belly rub, so even if this doesn’t help with gas, it’s a nice way to bond and give love.

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Learn to Live with It

As mentioned, although there are some ways to stop dog farts in their tracks, sometimes getting rid of them completely is not going to happen.

So, try the things above, and if the occasional toot squeaks out and is loud enough to wake your dog from her slumber, laugh, plug your nose, and learn to live with it.